About us


The AiMark organization was founded in 1999 by GFK Netherlands, Europanel, the joint venture between GFK and Kantar, and a group of academics in Marketing Science. Over the years, the organization made headway in the field of Marketing Science with over 70 publications in core journals using data provided through AiMark. Since 2015, the Miggroprices (Economics) was created to further advocate various use cases for scanner data in the field of Economics. Today, research using scanner data in the field of Economics is rapidly growing.

AiMark is proud to have supported over 20 PhD students with data used to complete their program. Many of these PhD students are now Associate Professors or Professors from reputed universities. We offer PhD Tracks to support the use of scanner data amongst PhD students to facilitate their career development.

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The AiMark Executive Committee for this legal not-for-profit structure is:

  • Prof. Jan-Benedict Steenkamp (Executive Chairman)
  • Prof. Harald van Heerde (Program Director of the Marketing Science Hub)
  • Prof. Günter W. Beck (Program Director of the Economics Hub)
  • Gaïdic d’Albronn (Kantar consumer household panels)
  • Matthias Gross (GfK consumer household panels)
  • Markus Wittmann (GfK retail panels)
  • Alfred M. Dijs (Chief Operating Officer and secretary)

The staff of AiMark:

  • Alfred M. Dijs (COO; responsible for all day-to-day activities, staff data center and network of the AiMark community)
  • Elizabeth Ramaker (Team Lead Data & Member Services)
  • Toos Gruters (Accounting)

AiMark would like to thank Tilburg University for providing staff support and Goethe University for facilitating the data center.