Call for proposals

AiMark is constantly seeking high quality research proposals that utilize scanner data targeted to be published in leading academic journals. We welcome any type of research question, as long as it satisfies the acceptance criteria outlined below. All proposals are peer-reviewed and reviewed by the data owners.


What are our criteria for Accepting your proposal for data support?

Ambition: your research project should demonstrate the potential to generate one or more articles in leading academic journals in the fields of Marketing Science and Economics. If your research does not fall in these two fields of study, please contact us.

Added Value: the results of your project should create significant value to both the academic and business world. Hence any project should create new academic knowledge as well as managerially relevant insights, as judged by the Committee.

Academic qualifications: the leading investigator must demonstrate a minimum of 5 years of post doc experience and an excellent publication record. Your project must be endorsed by at least one full professor of a university of reputation.

Professionalism: the community will invest in you and your project with data and resources usually at commercial value between 50k to more than 2 million Euros. Your proposal should demonstrate that you and your resources are capable managing research projects using large databases and show an attitude of “we deliver, on time”.

Accept the terms of AiMark Support Agreement: This agreement covers issues like confidentiality, expected output and timing. Your proposal should state that you are willing to accept our terms


AiMark will charge service fees to cover the foundation’s overhead costs. Contact us to get an overview of the fees related to your project.


Prior to submitting your proposal, we recommend that a call is scheduled with the AiMark team to discuss the needs of the project, whether it fits with AiMark’s priorities, and the service fees involved with the project. Contact us to schedule an introductory call.


There is no required standard format for proposals, although clarity and brevity are appreciated. Proposals of 3-5 pages are usually the most effective. Proposals should include:

  • A project title and list of all authors and their affiliated universities/institutions.
  • A background section giving a brief review of the relevant literature and a statement of why the proposed research is expected to contribute to knowledge and improve business practice
  • A list of research questions, models, or hypotheses describing the issues to be studied, the researchers’ initial insights or beliefs, and what should be learned from the study.
  • A description of research design and methodology
  • A timetable, including key milestones as well as an expected completion date
  • Support needs (Note: AiMark will not grant cash requests).
  • A statement of expected outcomes or new knowledge, such as a new definition or framework, a new methodology, a better understanding of how key variables affect the marketing process, or new information to assist managers in making better marketing decisions
  • A statement of acceptance to our terms of support.
  • Vita(e) of all researcher(s)


Please submit your proposal to It takes at least 4 weeks for a proposal to be reviewed by the Review Board.